We are delighted to offer our clients the amazing Lumineers treatment with patented Cerinate porcelain. These are made and developed at the Cerinate Smile Design Studio in America and use unique Cerinate porcelain for dazzling results.

Veneers and Lumineers

Veneers are tooth-shaped sheets of composite or porcelain that are placed over the top of natural teeth to produce flawless smiles. Lumineers are different to traditional veneers because they are made from patented Cerinate porcelain. They require no tooth preparation and therefore tooth enamel is not removed.

What are the advantages of Lumineers?

There is minimal tooth preparation, they are strong and durable and last for many years. As the tooth enamel is not damaged or interfered with the treatment is reversible.

Why should I consider Lumineers?

If you have stained, discoloured, chipped or worn teeth, and you are longing for a beautiful new smile, we have the perfect solution.

What are the alternatives?

The alternatives include other types of veneers and crowns, but the results are unlikely to be as impressive.

How long do they last?

The material is very strong and hard-wearing and they should last for several years provided that you take good care of them.

What does the treatment involve?

We send impressions of your teeth to the laboratory in the USA and suggest a suitable shade. The Lumineers are created by experienced dental technicians and then returned to us for fitting. Treatment takes place over two sessions and your dentist will advise you when to make your appointments.

What can I expect?

It may initially take a little getting used to your Lumineers, but they will soon feel just like your normal teeth.

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