Snap-on Smiles

Snap-on Smiles is a new treatment from the USA that can be used to fill spaces, correct dark teeth or align crooked teeth. The appliance is made from acetyl resin and is shaped to fit over your teeth to provide a beautiful smile in an instant.

Is this a form of smile makeover?

This is one option for a smile makeover although it is not permanently fixed in place and so can be removed. Once in place you can enjoy the confidence of showing off a beautiful smile.

What does the procedure involve?

This is a non-invasive treatment and does not require any injections, needles or tooth preparation. We will take impressions and photographs of your teeth and will discuss the shape and shade of teeth you would prefer. This is all then sent to DenMat’s laboratory where the appliance is made. Treatment involves two sessions which are usually set 2-4 weeks apart. At the fit appointment we will make sure you are happy with the appearance and fit of the new Snap on Smiles appliance and will also discuss care and hygiene of it.

Why should I choose Snap-on Smiles?

If you are unhappy with your smile or if you would like a more attractive smile without any preparation to your teeth, then this may be the perfect cosmetic dental treatment. Your Skye Dental Group dentist can give more details regarding this treatment and can also give information on alternative options during your free consultation.

Are there any risks?

Snap on Smiles are clipped over your teeth and so no drilling or injections are required. As a result risks are minimal.

How long does the Snap-on Smiles last?

The appliance should last for around 12 months, after which it can be replaced with a new Snap-on Smiles appliance or an alternative option. Many people use Snap on Smiles as a short term solution before embarking on a more permanent treatment course like dental implants or veneers.

How do you clean the appliance?

The appliance comes with a cleaning kit and solution and your dentist will advise how to use it to maintain the hygiene of your new smile.

What are the alternatives?

Here at the Southside Dental Practice we offer many alternatives to Snap on Smiles. These include veneers, dental implants, orthodontics and tooth whitening, all of which we will be happy to discuss with you during a consultation.

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