NHS Prices

These are set by the Dental Practice Division and are the same for every NHS dentist. On our website are our private prices, NOT NHS prices. For further details and prices please visit the Practitioner Services website.

Private Prices

Please note each clinician sets his/her private prices at their own discretion depending on the challenges of each job. However the prices on this website give a rough idea of what you would be expected to pay.

Private orthodontics (under 18)£1950.00Short term cosmetic Orthodontics Single arch£2000.00Fixed retainer£120.00Invisalign (simple)£3000



Price (Starting from)

Check Up £35
Emergency Appointment £35
Hygiene 20min £32.50
Hygiene 40min £65
Small Radiograph £7
OPG £47.50
Clinical Photos £5
Prescription £12
Diagnostic Wax Up £25 per tooth
Study Models £35
Extraction £65
Surgical Extraction £120
Composite Anterior From £95
Composite Posterior From £95
Composite Bonding From £140
Root Canal Incisor From £195
Root Canal Premolar From £265
Root Canal Molar From £365
Whitening £325
Bonded Crown From £350
Ceramic Crown From £450
Fibre Post £90
Lab Made Post £120
Veneer £325
Lumineer £600
Implant and Crown £2000
CT Scan £300
Bone Graft £300
Acrylic Full Denture (1 arch) From £550
Acrylic Full Denture (2 arches) From £1000
Acrylic Partial Denture From £350
Chrome Denture From £725
Flexi Denture From £725
Denture Addition £55
Denture Repair £50
Ortho (under 18) 2 Arches £1950
Ortho (adult) 2 Arches £3250
Cosmetic Brackets (short term)

2 Arches

Cosmetic Brackets 2 Arches £3500
Fixed Retainer £120
Removable Retainer £80
Invisalign Approx £3000
Invisalign Complex Approx £4500
One Area £150
Two Areas £225
Three Areas £295
Restylane From £300
Passport Signing £30
Referral Letter £30


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